Veterinary technicians the true heroes of a veterinary clinic

Veterinary technicians play a vital role in a veterinary clinic. They are known for assisting veterinarians and taking care of the patients. Some of their duties include preparing animals for surgery, monitoring anaesthesia, preparing prescriptions, carry out laboratory tests and assist in appointments. However, there is so much more to the job than that! Here are some reasons why veterinary technicians are the true heroes of a veterinary clinic:

1. Multitasking

If there is anything we know about veterinary technicians, is that they are masters of multitasking. They seem to always be thinking 10 steps ahead to ensure the day runs smoothly. One moment you may see them intubating a dog for surgery and then next thing you know they are filling out a prescription, talking to clients or getting the next patient prepared – all while knowing that Max in kennel 4 needs his next dose of medication in 10 minutes. They just simply know what needs to be done and the most efficient way to do it.

2. Organization

The role of a veterinary technician is a busy job and in order to be a multitasking master, being organized becomes second nature. If you are unsure where something is or where it should go, be sure to ask a veterinary technician and they will tell you exactly where it lives.  Don’t be surprised if you find that everything has a home and is labelled.  They are the Marie Kondos of the veterinary world.

3. Versatile

Veterinary technicians seem to be everyone’s best friend (if you are on their good side) as they are very versatile in the clinic. On a busy day, you will find them helping receptionists answer phones, make appointments, and settle bills; veterinarians with holding patients, running lab tests, and assisting in surgery; and veterinary assistants with laundry and cleaning. Bottom line, be sure you are friends with the vet technicians.

4. Leaders

Veterinary technicians are great leaders as well. You will often find them teaching new staff their job role,  helping out vet student volunteers around the clinic, and ensuring that the veterinarians are on top of their schedule.

5. Educators

Veterinary technicians spend a great deal of their day talking to patient owners, sometimes even more so than the veterinarian. They often take the histories, talk to owners on the phone, explain post-op routine and expectations, and educate them on topics like nutrition, training and dental care. This client interaction plays a huge role in client retention and their overall relationship towards the clinic.

So next time you see your veterinary technician, be sure to give them a big hug because veterinary technicians are the true heroes of a veterinary clinic.