Enhance Your Veterinary Network

Networking in any profession can be one of the best resources in developing and advancing your career. Your network includes anyone you have interacted with who can offer any valuable guidance or assistance in your profession.  You can find these potential networks anywhere; however, by intentionally expanding your network could be the difference between no opportunities and getting leads in jobs opportunities, skill development and self improvement – it is an integral tool in your career development toolbox! If you hope to enhance your veterinary network, here are 5 ways to network effectively! 

1. Let’s Get Social – local, far, or virtual!

To enhance your veterinary network a workplace setting, attend any workplace social, mixer, company retreat or community events. This will allow you to interact with your co-workers in a  non-professional setting helping you engage with them in a more casual manner. These relationships will transfer back to the workplace which in turn, may provide you with guidance, extra training, and valuable insight in the company!  To broaden your veterinary network beyond the scope of your workplace, seek for any veterinary social event, webinar, conference, or other CE opportunities. These events will expose you to a variety of connections across the veterinary profession gaining insight on what is going on outside your community. Unfortunately COVID-19 may hinder in person interactions, so look more towards virtual webinars and socials!

2. Take Charge And Maintain!

It is important to be on top of your networking. You have put a lot of work into building relationships and it is not your interest to lose them.  So to prevent this from happening,  it is crucial maintain these connections. For example, if you reach out to someone you haven’t talked to since high school, chances are they are less inclined to offer you some valuable information. When it comes time, maintaining good relationships is the best way to ensure they are willing to help you. Don’t worry, this is not a daunting task! Sending out a quick hello message every now and then will suffice.

3. Get The Right Connections

You want to ensure that your connections will be of value and specific to what you need. If you want to specialize or work in a certain field in the veterinary profession, talk to and engage with people that are already in that community. This will not only give you insight into the field of interest, but it will also help you make a better decision as to if this is the right direction for you moving forward in your career.

4. Networking Goes Both Ways

Of course the whole point of networking is to ultimately help you advance in your own career; however, there needs to be both give and take. Take note in what your contacts can offer you and know what you have to offer for them. Networking is meant to be a mutual benefit. So in the future when you are building your connections, make sure they know how you can help them. The more help you give, the more willing others will help you in return.

5.  Be Resourceful!

Thank goodness we live in a day and age with technology so this is very easy! The internet is a great way to interact, engage, create and maintain your connections. In some regards, it may be the only way due to the current pandemic! Take advantage of social media platforms to reach out to other professionals, reconnect with old friends, and start conversations! Even something small like sending a friend request or a short message may make all the difference for future opportunities.