Interview Tips and Tricks

Before the interview

1. Do your research!

Prior to meeting with the company, you should have a really good understanding of who you are meeting with, what they do, what is their culture like and what makes them stand out. Use any resources you have to gather this information. Review the website inside and out, check out the team on Linkedin, research the individuals you will be speaking with. You should confidently be able to answer the question: Why do you want to work for us? 

2. Understand the job you are applying for

Do you know what skills are essential for this position? Be sure to review the job description and come up with examples of how your experience aligns with the criteria they are looking for. 

3. Have at least 5 questions written out beforehand

Your questions should be thoughtful and well researched. This is your chance to impress the hiring manager with how much you know about them. Have questions that will spark discussion rather than just yes/no answers. Avoid questions like: how many weeks of vacation, what do you pay, how many sick days. These questions can be answered in the later stages of the interview process.

During the Interview

1. Have great energy

Understand that this is the first time you are meeting with someone and you want to make a great first impression. If you are enthusiastic and excited about the position than show it! Hiring managers want to hire someone who wants to work for them and are going to do a really great job. Going into the interview remembering to keep your energy high will allow you to build rapport quickly and even mitigate some of those inevitable first interview nerves! 

2. Sell Yourself

The #1 interview question that employers will ask is “tell me a bit about yourself”. Make sure you have a succinct answer (no more than 60-90 seconds). This is your chance to brag to your employer about any accomplishments or experiences you have had. 

Have a Strong Closing

When you notice the interview is wrapping up it is your chance to go in for the close! Ask the interviewer if they have any questions or hesitations about your background. If not, reiterate your interest in the opportunity by giving them one reason you are a good fit. Lastly, (and most important) as for the next steps. That way, when you all walk out of the interview you are on the same page.

After the Interview

1. Write a Compelling Thank You Email

Hiring managers always appreciates a strong thank you email. The message does not need to be overly long or complex but you want to make sure that you are showing you are engaged. Thank them for speaking with you and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them.