July Canadian Veterinary News

A Few Things In The Canadian Veterinary News You May Have Missed in July

A Win for Dr. Egan Brockhoff

            Dr. Egan is the recipient of Canada’s Food Animal Veterinarian award of 2020. Egan, who is a veterinarian counselor for the Canadian Pork Council, won the Merck Veterinary Award presented to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. The recipient was lauded for making notable contributions to the food animal health and medicine. The announcement was made on July 20 during the presentation of the prestigious awards ceremony (Farms.com, 2020).

            After receiving the accolade, Dr. Egan stated that it was a humbling experience when he realized that his peers in the industry had come together to present him with the award. Nevertheless, the award was preceded by a series of contributions that Egan has made in the field. For instance, Dr. Egan has been a critical contributor to many features of the swine health industry, such as veterinary training in Canada and other stations in Asia. He has also been teaching swine medicine at the University of Calgary. Perhaps his notable contributions have been made at the Canadian Pork Council, where he has been working since 2014. Lastly, Egan Brockhoff mentions that he is proud of his inputs, especially in Canada.

Pork Donations in Canada

            The month of July has also been marked by crucial statistics in terms of port donations in Canada. According to the Pig Site, more than 200000 servings of fresh ground have been set aside to help feed families in regions such as Ontario. The development has been associated with fundraising projects supported by industry partners and pig farmers. Some of the partners that are involved in the project include the Pork Industry Gratitude Project that has since raised a total of $85000 in funds (The Pig Site, 2020). The collection of the funds was started in April 2020 and targeted to benefit the Friends of Foodbank Program. The main agenda of the program is to provide fresh ground pork to feed the province of Ontario.

            Furthermore, the project reports that an extra $15000 will be added to the county pork organization, which will then increase community-based food donations. The program is also part of the efforts that target to help farmers that have experienced problems with on-farm issues such as supply chain problems accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, the gratitude project looks forward to offering more money for community-based food distribution by local pork companies and heightening support for the Feed Ontario program via Foodbank and Ontario Pork Friends.

Win for Jean Szkotnicki

            In early July 2020, the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI) presented its retired President Jean Szkotnicki with the Industry Leadership Award. The accolade was presented in recognition of Jean’s extended service to the Canadian animal health industry. It was also mentioned that Jean used a collaborative model during her tenure, which won the hearts and respect of regulators and government agencies in Canada, the US, and even in Europe (GlobalNewsWire, 2020). Furthermore, her tenure was also marked by many contributions in the space, where she represented Canadian farm families. According to the Chair of CAHI Jair Garcia, Jean’s contributions to the industry were notable, and that she is still a passionate ambassador of the organization because of her devotion to CAHI and general animal health. Some of her contributions include her use of a collective model to technical needs for animal health product legislation, as well as elements regarding competition, innovation, and investment. Jean has also been a long-term contributor to the International Cooperation on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Veterinary Products Registration, as well as the Canadian Animal Health Product Regulatory Advisory Community.

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