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Veterinary Jobs in Canada

It’s a big world, Vetjobs Canada makes finding veterinary jobs in Canada simple, organized and relevant.

Job Opportunities

Our jobs include: veterinarians, vet technicians, vet assistants, receptionists, staff management, locums, pharmaceuticals, referrals, research, volunteering, sales and marketing and more!

Easily Source Candidates

With the veterinary industry as its own unique community, this accessible platform centralizes all relevant job postings and minimizes employers’ costs for posting on multiple platforms.

Recent Jobs

Job Spotlight

Associate Emergency Veterinarian Veterinarian – Full Time

Whether you are a resident or not, you might be surprised by the charm, character and exciting experiences in beautiful ...

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Veterinarian Veterinarian – Full Time

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Dufferin Veterinary Hospital is looking for part-time or full-time Veterinarians to join our team who are ...

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